This is one topic that is going to strike a nerve with many professional bloggers. You will hear many of the pros talk about their income and how much they make from Google’s Adsense program or other ad networks. I am saying, do NOT use them to monetize your blog. And you will probably agree with me.

3 Reasons Not To Use Google Ads to Monetize Your Blog

1 Square ButtonThey distract from your website.

Ask yourself, what is the point of getting traffic to YOUR site if you want them to click on an ad so that you can make a few extra pennies. Chances are you don’t. If you are running a website, the goal should be to keep them on your site until you make a sale. Those few pennies per click may add up for some bloggers, but they are getting tons of traffic. I mean millions of page views of traffic.

2 Square ButtonThey are ugly.

Someone had to say it. Ads that you have no control over cluttered in your blog posts or sidebar are simply ugly. They don’t compliment the design of your website, and you have very limited control over what ads are shown. And if you use some ad that has auto-playing sound, I am going to click the close button on your site so fast; it will kill your bounce rate.

3 Square ButtonThey don’t pay out very well.

If this is your preferred method for monetizing your blog, you may be waiting a long time to cash in that first $100 paycheck from Google. For these types of ads to generate a significant amount of income you are going to need tons of traffic and even then it still might not be more than a couple of hundred dollars a month.

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3 Methods You Could Use to Monetize Your Blog

So if using an ad network is out you may be wondering how you should go about monetizing your blog. This is simple, more profitable and can be tailored to your passions and interests. There is no one size fits all approach, and everything you do is unique, even if you think it is already being done.

1 Square ButtonCreate Your Own Products

You are spending tons of time and energy creating blog posts and getting traffic to your site, why not cash in on these new found relationships and offer a product that enhances the free content of your blog. This can be a book, course, art, nearly anything that compliments your blog. Find out why certain posts are so popular and come up with a way to upsell from that.

One of the best ways to validate if a product will sell to your audience is to ask them. If you have spent time growing an email list or community on social networks, go them directly and find how you can serve them better. Trust me; you will want to validate that product will sell before you spend time creating it. And you might be surprised by the response you get.

2 Square ButtonPromote Affiliate Products

Don’t know where to start with creating your product. That is perfectly okay. You can still make money by promoting the products of others. This might not pay as well as creating your products, but can be an excellent starting point. You have built relationships with your audience, and they value your opinion. This means that they will be more likely to try a product that you recommend.

The key to promoting affiliate products so that you make money is to ensure that they align with your audience. This means if you run a business blog don’t try to promote a KitchenAid mixer. Your audience will have zero interest, and you will feel discouraged because they are not buying what you are spending time promoting.

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>> I have a whole post dedicated to affiliate marketing and how to get the most from this method. 

3 Square ButtonFreelance Work

Is there something you are superb at? Writing, creating amazing graphics, planning out content for social media? If you have a particular skill that you find extremely valuable and fun, you should be capitalizing on it. Take your passion and package it as a service for others. This is an excellent way to build a network and make some extra cash.

Honing in your skills can be a great place to start before creating a higher ticketed item like a program. This will allow you to help others and learn how to streamline your workflow and prepare a way to create a valuable course or book on the subject. This is the ultimate form of product validation since you are already being paid for it.

You can use any or all three of these different methods to monetize your blog, along with many others. I suggest creating multiple revenue streams so that you are not dependent on a single if the market starts to shift. You want to create stability, and this can be done without creating various forms of distractions. Remember that each blog post, email, social media update should always include a clear call-to-action. You do not want to overwhelm your audience by giving them so many choices that they don’t make any. Focus on one and make it clear. This will lead to you becoming a profitable blogger in no time.

3 Reasons Not to Use Google Adsense and How to Monetize Your Blog the Right Way

Sarah Crosley

Sarah Crosley

Founder of The Creative Boss

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After years of trying to run an online business I have seen quite a few ups and a whole lot more downs. I spent hours every day researching how to make a go at some elusive, passive income. I felt like it was something that was just a myth, and then I figured out what the real meaning of passive income was: to work smarter, not harder. It’s not just sitting around watching the dollars pour into your bank account, but you can create products that will sell and still be sitting on the beach or at home in pajamas, and I want to share with you what worked for me. I don’t want you to spend years trying, failing, and throwing in the towel.

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